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Dental emergencies happen. We are here for you.

Your Lexington, KY Emergency Dentist

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Schroeder Dentistry is The Choice for Your Dental Emergency

Do you need an emergency dentist in Lexington? We know that emergencies can happen at any time. That's why at Schroeder Dentistry, we are here to provide relief and comfortability for our patients. Whether it’s a broken tooth or infection, we are 100% committed to resolving dental emergencies

Schroeder Dentistry is standing by to provide emergency dentistry for you when you need it. If you are in pain, please contact us right away


Dental Emergency Services

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth repair
  • Severe swelling and/or tooth pain relief
  • Discomfort from lost crown of filling relief
  • Incision & Drainage
  • Pulpotomies
  • On-site extractions
  • Oral Surgery
  • Root Canals
  • And More
Dr. Thad Schroeder and Dr. Katie Bowen
Dr. Clifford Young and Dr. Peter Young

Seeing a Dentist at SCHROEDER DENTISTRY is Easy

1. Call Our Office
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3. See Our Emergency Dentist

We promise to provide the highest quality of dental care with a smile.

Dr. Thad and Dr. Bowen are two of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Their soft-spoken demeanor coupled with their exceptional clinical skills has led Schroeder Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to be awarded one of the top dental practices in Lexington.

We do not see you as another patient but as part of our dental family. With services ranging from general dental care to cosmetic dentistry, we have the expertise to help you have the smile of your dreams.