Dental Implants

Do you have a missing tooth? Many people are tired of removable teeth like partials or dentures. Dental implants are a wonderful option.
Dental Implants

Hello and welcome back to the Schroeder Cosmetic and Family Dentistry blog where we'll be discussing dental implants today! We'd like to give you some information about replacing missing teeth with dental implants, the pieces of a dental implant and limitations/concerns associated with dental implants.

dental implant

Do you have a missing space in your smile? A tooth that never formed? Maybe even need some help stabilizing a denture? Dental implants have become promising technology for the restoration of your smile and/or ability to chew.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are usually titanium screws that are similar in size and shape to the tooth that they are replacing. They are placed surgically into healthy bone of the upper or lower jaw. After their placement, approximately 2-6 months must go by before they are ready to be restored. When the bone has healed appropriately around the implant, the abutment will be screwed onto the implant and an impression is taken for a crown to be made. This will restore the area and provide ample space for chewing and improving the aesthetics of the smile.Many dental implants are used to restore loose dentures as well. The healing time is similar but the abutment is different. The abutment placed can attach to the denture many different ways and provides stability and retention. Implants also provide an option to remove the palate of an upper denture.

implant denture

Do you or a loved one have a missing tooth? Many people are tired of removable teeth like partials or dentures. If you don't have a back tooth, a dental bridge may not be an option. Thus, to fill space and give you more teeth, dental implants are a wonderful option. After a tooth is removed carefully and without destroying the surrounding bone, a dental implant may be placed. Implant placement is less uncomfortable than tooth extraction and requires about one hour. Your body will grow bone around the implant over the course of 4-6 painless months. When the implant is stable, an abutment and crown can be custom made for your bite!  As you'll see below, there are 3 pieces to a dental implant.

Structure of dental implant

A dental implant has the implant body (screw or man-made root), an abutment and a crown. The implant body goes in the bone, will the abutment is screwed into the implant body. Lastly a crown is cemented or secured with a screw into the abutment or implant body. Recent research has shown it is preferable to attach the crown to the implant with a screw rather than cementing but both ways of attachment are acceptable.

dental implant

Can you find the dental implant in the photo? This patient had a front tooth replaced with a dental implant. We were proud to make her smile beautiful again!Although dental implants sound like a wonderful option, they are not perfect for every patient. Also, patients with a history of smoking, diabetes or bone loss may not be the best candidates due to their bone health. This is something we would be happy to speak with you about in a free consultation at our office. Ready to learn more about your dental treatment options? Give your dentist in Lexington KY a call at (859)276-5496!