How to Prepare Your Teeth for a Wedding!

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How to Prepare Your Teeth for a Wedding!

Hello all and welcome to our blog post about preparing your teeth for a wedding! This time of year we watch wedding season come into full swing and we are so excited to help our patients. It is common for brides and grooms to worry about having that perfect smile for their big day! Here at Schroeder Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we completely understand your situation. Everyone wants a fairy-tale smile for their fairy-tale wedding day.

Below is a few tips and ideas on how to prepare for your own or others big day:

  • A normal hygiene routine is crucial in preparation for summer pictures. The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice per day for two minutes. Also, it's important to floss at minimum once per day.
  • Do you notice any coffee, tea or wine staining? At-home and in-office whitening treatments have become common place for patients. Call us for a free consultation at (859)276-5496 and we can give you a professional opinion on what treatment would be best for you. Commonly, a cleaning/polishing 1 month before the wedding day followed by an in-office whitening treatment can help patients attain a picture perfect smile.
  • Misaligned, crowded, or fractured teeth? More extensive treatment such as crowns, veneers and Invisalign/Clear Correct retainers may be needed. For this type of treatment it's important to begin early. As far in advance as 6 months or a year before your big day or wedding season, I would suggest consulting with us about your smile goals. An easy way to remember this rule is when you are scheduling a venue for the wedding day, it is also time to schedule a dental consultation.

Have any questions or specific concerns? Give us a call anytime! We're here to help make your special day a little extra special!