How to be Prepared for Your Next Dental Appointment

We are taking proper measures socially & professionally to protect our loved ones & colleagues. Here's our new COVID protocols.
How to be Prepared for Your Next Dental Appointment
New COVID Protocols - Schroeder Dentistry

It is imperative during this time of a global pandemic that we all take the proper measures socially and professionally to protect our loved ones and colleagues. At Schroeder Dentistry, we have gone above and beyond the recommendations set forth by the CDC and the KBD. In an effort to prepare our patients for the new COVID protocols, this blog post will be posted at the top of our blog page to make it easily accessible to our patients.

New COVID Protocols

New COVID protocols on top of our already existing disinfectant/sterilization procedures:

  • Patients are screened prior to and at their appointments. These set of questions ensure we have ruled out patients that have been travelling to heavily infected areas or participating in behavior that may increase their exposure or risk of transmission.
  • Patients are called in from the parking lot individually and temperature screened before entering the office. Try to avoid sitting in a hot car or spending a lot of time outside right before coming in to avoid having an inaccurate temperature scan.
  • Patients are asked to disinfect hands and wear a mask on their walk to the dental chair.
  • A pre-operative mouthwash is swished for 30 seconds then expectorated into the same cup. This mouthwash 1% Hydrogen Peroxide and is excellent at reducing viral load in the mouth.
  • Dental procedures are being performed with decreased aerosol production and increased suction/air filtration protocols to remove any potential airborne contaminants from becoming part of the air moving around the office.
  • Patients are escorted out after their procedure thru a different doorway to avoid coming in contact with other patients or team members.
  • Professional cleaning company coming in to disinfect every surface.

If you have any questions about these improved new COVID protocols or your risk of COVID transmission in a dental setting, feel free to give our dentists a call. Have a wonderful week!