Halloween Tips from the Schroeders!

Dr. Schroeder discusses Halloween tips and how to avoid dental decay during the holidays. Call us today to schedule an initial cleaning.
Halloween Tips from the Schroeders!

Welcome back to the Schroeder Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Blog with some Halloween tips! As the temperature begins to drop and we see summer wind to a close, it's important to review a few key elements of proper oral hygiene. From Halloween Candy to holiday treats, it's easy to forget about healthy habits and we understand. Find below some Halloween tips about how you can maintain that beautiful smile this fall.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzpfIAEaUgk&list=PLn8EJ9pmRUkXA_vmf40Ln8XyY4MPkMrcB&index=1[/embed]

  1. Always avoid chewy or sticky candy!

Chewy and sticky candies commonly get stuck interproximally (between the teeth) or deep in the central groove of molars(see picture below). These sticky candies have a high sugar content and are the perfect food supply for decay-causing bacteria! The worst perpetrators here are tootsie rolls and sticky caramel treats!

tooth cavity
  1. Crunchy foods crack teeth!

Peanut brittle is the best example for crunchy holiday treats that will bite you back! Commonly, teeth with large fillings or underlying decay are prone to fractures from extreme pressure and temperature changes. Thus, we suggest avoiding hard crunchy treats so as to reduce the risk of fracture!

cracked tooth
  1. Speaking of cracks, be careful walking at night!

You probably wouldn't believe how many trauma patients we see the day after Halloween! Children running, Halloween decorations and parents/grandparents with poor vision all lead to accidents! Please be careful making your way thru the yards with a flashlight and try to minimize running by children.As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to give our office a ring! We provide a comfortable dental experience in a family environment that's focused on you! In addition, evening, Saturday, and sedation appointments are available! Call today to schedule an initial cleaning or a free consultation at (859)276-5496!